Avia Gives Sneak Peek At Upcoming HomeKit Lineup

Avia, the United Kingdom based hardware manufacturer that recently hit the HomeKit scene with the announcement of their upcoming Smart Door Lock which is a door lock based on “security first”. Avia has teased upcoming devices on their website, with vague descriptions and names previously, and we recently reached out to the company to inquire about HomeKit support, to which they replied that all of their devices are being built for HomeKit. Avia has an active Twitter presence, and today, they gave their followers a sneak peek at the designs of the upcoming hardware.

Kicking things off is a Smart Video Doorbell from Avia, which features a sleek silver and black design, although the actual materials used are unknown at this point. The doorbell has a circular push button, and has what looks to be LED indicator light as well as the camera itself positioned near the top of the unit. Up next is the Smart Security Camera which looks pretty much like most cameras on the market, albeit with a different style of hinge. The camera base is white, and includes a large circular face that does not hide the fact that it is a camera. Our concern with the design is with the hinge choice, as we have had some pretty negative experiences on previous cameras that simply fell over due to the weight of the actual camera when placed in an upright position as shown.

To go along with the security theme, Avia will also be introducing a Smart Motion Sensor, which oddly enough is not listed on the company’s upcoming products page. The sensor looks similar to the Eve Motion Sensor, with a white plastic chassis and a large window to detect movement. Avia is also releasing a Smart Window & Door Sensor, which utilizes the classic magnet and base two piece system that all contact sensors rely on to determine status. Finally, a Smart Environment Sensor was revealed, and like the motion sensor, was not previously mentioned by the company. Unfortunately details such as what the environment sensor actually reports is unknown at this point, but we suspect that it will be limited to temperature, humidity and perhaps light levels.

Avia seems to be moving fast with their product line, which is definitely a good thing to see, as the more HomeKit products the better, although it should be noted that the company has not yet shipped their first product, the smart door lock. Other products that the company has listed on their website include: Facial Recognition System, Smart Socket, Smart Baby Monitor, Smart Lights, Smart Casement Window Handle Sensor and a Smart Sash Fastener. Additional details such as pricing and availability are still to come, and we hope that these devices can hit the market sometime soon.

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