HomePass 1.5 Update Now Available, Adds NFC Support & More

HomePass, the handy iOS utility that stores your HomeKit setup codes has received a new update, bringing the App up to version 1.5. The update, which is hitting the App Store today, has brought along with it the usual bug fixes, visual tweaks, and other improvements. The App is already one of our favorites, so much so, that we really didn’t know what could be added to make it better. However, this new update has enabled a brand new feature that makes storing codes even easier, as well as a handy tool that will help with the scanning process which takes it to a whole new level.

When iOS 12 was released last fall, there was some buzz over NFC support, which Apple loosened its restrictions around. Unfortunately, we have not seen many actual real world examples of NFC actually being deployed, until now. HomePass 1.5 includes the ability for the App to read and store HomeKit codes directly from NFC tags that are already available on certain HomeKit accessories. Here’s a video of the feature in action:

As you can see, the App is able to determine that an NFC based HomeKit set up code is near, and prompts the user to keep their device close to retrieve information. Once the tag is read by the iOS device, a confirmation is displayed, and the HomeKit code from the tag is instantly transferred into the HomePass App. Needless to say, this new feature will certainly be a handy addition to the already essential utility that is HomePass. Also new to HomePass is a flashlight on the scanner screen, which will help to see and identify any devices that may be in hard to reach places. This is a great addition, as we have all had those times where we just wanted to see the code but not actually take the time to climb around something or re-arrange things just to get to the device. Finally, HomePass 1.5 includes improved handoff support for the Apple Watch, which allows your phone and watch to share the same device information that you have selected.

HomePass is available on the iOS App Store for $1.99, and is also available as part of the “Home Essentials Bundle” from Sunya Limited. The bundle includes copies of all of the developers HomeKit Apps, including HomeCam, HomeScan, HomeRun as well as HomePass for $9.99. The HomePass 1.5 update is available for free for existing users, and is an app that we can easily recommend as a great way of keeping track of all of those pesky HomeKit codes that are not always in the most convenient of places when you need them.

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