Savant Introduces HomeKit Thermostat, Pro Remote, Audio Amplifier & Smart Sound Bar

Home automation company, Savant, which recently announced a few HomeKit compatible devices at the LIGHTFAIR 2019 event, is back with even more product introductions. Previously announced products include a smart light bulb and light strip, smart light fixtures, and a HomeKit compatible circuit breaker module to monitor energy consumption. This week, the company has introduced a smart thermostat, a “pro” remote control, audio amplifier and sound bar, all of which are HomeKit compatible.

First up is the Savant SmartStat, which is an updated model of the company’s existing thermostat. The SmartStat features a rectangular design, with a glass touch screen, and a full color “high-resolution” screen. The thermostat comes in either black or white, and needless to say, they both looking stunning for a thermostat. For connectivity, Savant mentions that it will be both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth compatible, which may make the SmartStat the first known instance of a HomeKit thermostat that can operate strictly via Bluetooth. This alone piques our interest, as this may allow the thermostat to be used without an account connected to a cloud, and could be controlled locally plus remotely if an HomeKit hub is within the home.

Up next, Savant is introducing the Pro Remote, which like its previously announced circuit breaker, is the first product of its kind that integrates with HomeKit. Savant touts their upcoming remote as being the “most intuitive human interface for entertainment systems” as it combines physical buttons with a touchscreen display. The display itself is curved, supports full color, and like the company’s thermostat, is “high-resolution”. Exact display size has not been provided, but the company’s previous remotes came in 5″ to 8″ sizes. Bundled with the remote is a charging base, which also acts as somewhat of a home for the remote. Physical buttons on the remote include a “voice” prompt button, that allows instant access to Siri, where users can then fire off HomeKit commands or certain media playback functions can be requested.

Rounding out Savant’s announcements are an AirPlay 2 & HomeKit compatible audio amplifier (receiver), and a sound bar. The Savant SmartAmp, which will be available this summer, features “ultra-low latency” and 125 Watts of power per channel “out of the box”. The SmartAmp integrates with “popular” music services, although no specifics were mentioned, and support 24 bit, 96k high-resolution playback. The SmartAmp is the only product announced with an MSRP, which will be $699. Unfortunately, Savant did not provide any details on their upcoming Sound Bar, so we will have to wait for a little while before pricing, design and release date are announced.

Savant has certainly come out of “left field” with regards to HomeKit support, as the company previously gave no indication that it was in the works. We are certainly excited to see what the company can bring to the table, and the products that have already been announced seem like winners. Of course, there is that pesky problem of actually shipping these devices, which in some cases like the circuit breaker and Pro Remote, may mean that we have to wait a while due to the fact that they will be the first in their respective categories to support HomeKit.

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