WWDC 2019: All the HomeKit Related Little Things

HomeKit at Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference made a surprise appearance during the keynote address today, and while cameras and routers were the stars of the show, there were quite a few “little” things that went under the radar. Here’s the breakdown of what we have found so far:

  • Contextual based HomeKit actions have been added to CarPlay. An example shown was an icon depicting “Garage Door Opened” on a car’s display.
  • AirPlay 2 speakers in scenes and automations. This will add the ability to trigger music in the form of playlists and radio with your HomeKit scenes.
  • Siri Shortcuts added to home automations. This will allow support for devices that fall outside of the HomeKit realm, but have Shortcuts actions to be toggled along with your HomeKit devices. This also opens the door for more complex automations.
  • Siri Shortcuts will also feature a new “automations” tab, and the description states that automations will be able to be run automatically.
  • Refreshed Home App Accessory Controls. This was not mentioned during the keynote and was only discovered under the additional features of iOS 13 page that Apple has set up. Apparently, there has been a visual refresh to the control portions of the Home App, and one user (silli_apple) on reddit has shared the following screenshots showing off what looks to be a card style interface:
  • HomePod is gaining multi-user support. Now members of the same household will be able to play their own music playlists, add items to their calendars and reminders, and more.

  • HomePod handoff support is being added. Music can be moved from your iOS devices simply by placing them near your HomePod. Handoff support also includes things such as phone calls.

Unfortunately, it looks like there will not be a HomeKit developer session this year according to the updated WWDC schedule released after the keynote address. Potentially some additional details may come from the HomeKit Lab which is scheduled for tomorrow, Tuesday the 4th, and we will be reporting throughout the week on anything HomeKit related that we can find so stay tuned for more.

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