WWDC 2019: HomeKit Enabled Routers Announced

Today, during Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference, an entirely new device type was announced: HomeKit enabled routers. With Apple’s privacy focused mentality, the company is looking to include HomeKit support built into routers from popular manufacturers such as Linksys and Eero, as well as getting it into the hands of as many people as possible through service providers such as Spectrum.

While details are scarce at the moment, Apple’s iOS 13 preview pages mention that HomeKit enabled routers will appear in the Home App, which will then offer additional functionality. The ability to control “which services your HomeKit accessories communicate with in your network and on the internet” is mentioned, which we take as being a granular way to toggle which devices can actually access the internet at all. This of course will prevent instances where the devices on your network could be compromised, as we have seen cases in the past where things such as light bulbs were used in attacks.

We will certainly have more about HomeKit routers as information becomes available, and we are excited at the prospect of controlling access that the devices in our homes have. Stay tuned for more HomeKit news surrounding WWDC as we will be posting additional features throughout the day.

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