Netatmo Confirms Updates Coming to Existing HomeKit Cameras to Enable Secure Video Feature, Also Coming to Smart Video Doorbell

Now that the dust has settled on the HomeKit related announcements made at Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference this week, we are beginning to hear the first details regarding manufacturer’s support of the Secure Video feature. Netatmo, the company behind two HomeKit cameras that are currently on the market, the traditional Smart Indoor Camera, as well as the hybrid light/camera unit, the Smart Outdoor Camera seem to be as excited as we are with the upcoming Secure Video functionality. The company has taken to Twitter to announce their plans, and surprisingly, it will not be limited to just future devices.

In a series of tweets today, Netatmo has confirmed that the Secure Video feature will be delivered to all of the company’s existing cameras. The update, which will be free, will be “delivered later this year” to the aforementioned Smart Indoor and Smart Outdoor cameras. Since the Secure Video feature was announced as being part of iOS 13, we will have to wait until at least September, and as always, these types of developments need to be taken with a wait and see approach, as we caution against purchasing devices based on promises. Netatmo also confirmed that the Secure Video feature will also be included with the company’s Smart Video Doorbell, which as announced at the Consumer Electronics Show in January of this year. The release date has not yet been provided for the Doorbell, but we assume that this will also be available after iOS 13 ships.

During the Secure Video feature announcement, Apple mentioned just three camera vendors, Netatmo, Logitech, and Eufy. We hope that Logitech follows Netatmo’s lead by announcing support for cameras already on the market, with the company’s Circle 2 being a favorite among HomeKit owners, although nothing has been announced at this time. Eufy is brand new to HomeKit with the camera announcement being the first device from the company so we expect to hear their plans soon. It should also be noted that the Secure Video functionality is not yet active in iOS 13, but we will share additional details surrounding it throughout the beta process this summer.

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