Robin’s ProLine Video Doorbell to be Updated to Support HomeKit Secure Video Later This Year

The Robin ProLine Video Doorbell, which is the only HomeKit enabled doorbell currently on the market is set to receive an upgrade later this year that enables support for the recently announced HomeKit Secure Video feature. According to 9to5mac, ProLine made this announcement today, which should re-assure the doorbell’s owners that their hefty investment will indeed be supported for years to come. Robin’s Video Doorbell carries a pretty large price tag, with the current price on Amazon being listed at a whopping $662 for North American buyers.

In addition to the ProLine Video Doorbell being on the only HomeKit doorbell available, Robin’s device features a distinct industrial design consisting entirely of aluminum. The camera on the doorbell is able to record video at 720p, and has a wide angle 130 degree view making it perfect for viewing the events going on at your front door. Of course, like most smart video door bells, the ProLine also has a built-in microphone and speaker which allows owners to talk to their visitors or to help deter those who may be lurking around your property. Unique to the ProLine Video Doorbell is the inclusion of a custom engraved nameplate that is inset into the front of the unit, and is illuminated at night by a backlight, which is slick looking to say the least.

As with the previous announcement from Netatmo that they would adding HomeKit Secure Video Support to their existing cameras, this functionality will not be available until later in the year. No specific dates have been mentioned, but don’t count on being soon, as the Secure Video feature is a part of iOS 13 which is typically released in late September alongside the latest editions of Apple’s iPhone.

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