HomeKit Support Coming To Eero 2nd Generation Routers?

Announced last week during Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference, HomeKit enabled routers were a pleasant yet unexpected surprise. With Apple’s focus on privacy, the company looked at the hardware being using to deliver communication between HomeKit products and of course, the internet, and provided a solution to the issue where some Internet of Things devices have gone rogue. During the announcement, Apple named a handful of router manufacturers, including Linksys, Eero, and Spectrum.

After the announcement, it was widely assumed that HomeKit support would be something that would be included with new, unreleased hardware, however, this may not be the case, at least not with Eero. When posed with the question of HomeKit support on the Eero subreddit shortly after the WWDC announcement, a representative from the company provided a somewhat vague, yet potentially revealing response:

“I’m limited in what I’m allowed to say about this.

I can, however, tell you that we have no plan to replace the second generation eero products in the near future.

I can also tell you that we plan to release HomeKit support in the near future.”

As you may have noticed, the representative specifically mentioned the 2nd generation Eero as not having a successor coming soon, and used the same “near future” line to describe the HomeKit update. While we always caution those in the market for a particular device to not make purchasing decisions based off of future potential or promises, this statement would seemingly make the 2nd generation Eero a safe bet.

Another tidbit may have been shared within the same reddit thread, where the representative also provided a response regarding actual HomeKit functionality. When posed with the question on if HomeKit routers would be able to function as HomeKit hubs, the representative stated the following:

“I’m limited in what I’m allowed to say about this, as I said.

We look forward to sharing more details about what this thing’s gonna do later this year.”

Of course this response does not indicate that it this functionality is actually going to work with Eero, another member of the Eero team followed this response with reassurance that the response was valid. The second Eero team member in this case is listed as being the Co-Founder/CEO of the company, who simply stated:

“Well put”

So again, while not exact confirmations from Eero, we certainly have reason to believe that the 2nd generation Eero units will be updated to support HomeKit. We can also see additional features, such as using an Eero router as a HomeKit hub as something that could actually come to fruition. We will keep you updated as more details regarding HomeKit functionality in routers is announced, which we hope is sooner rather than later.

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