Mangotek Entering the HomeKit Market Soon?

Mangotek, Shenzhen based manufacturer of mobile and PC accessories appears to be making a move toward entering the smart home market soon. Spotted earlier this week, is an App that was recently added to the iOS App Store from the company simply called “Mangotek“. The product description is rather vague, with just 5 words including “Smart home” and “HomeKit“. A single screenshot is also shown on the App Store listing, which appears to depict a settings screen as it lists functions such as “Add Accessory“, room management, zone management and users.

Naturally, we wanted to find out as much information about the upcoming products involved with the company’s rollout, and it appears that Mangotek will be the marketing name used for products produced by a company called Reflying. Both brands were featured at the Hong Kong Electronics Fair held last October, and HomeKit products were on display for attendees to see. While details are scarce, we were able to locate some pictures of the booth display, courtesy of, and we are able to make out a few of the upcoming HomeKit products.

Image courtesy of

First up is what appears to be a desk lamp with a large oval shade or diffuser. The lamp looks to be comprised of either stainless steel or aluminum for the base and other finishings. Along the same vein, is what appears to be a ceiling or wall mounted lamp, capable of displaying colors, and takes on a circular form factor, but not a complete circle like Eve’s Flare. Next up is a fairly common smart plug, with what looks to be designed for European outlets in mind. We also believe that there is a motion sensor, door lock, and potentially a hub/siren or smoke detector in the works, based on the images captured of the company’s display booth.

Image courtesy of

With Mangotek/Reflyings offerings being on display back in October of last year, we certainly expect to be hearing more from the company soon with regards to their roll out plans. The Mangotek App was added to the App Store in May of this year, suggesting that these devices could be hitting places such as Amazon sooner rather than later.

Smart Plug (bottom left) Image courtesy of

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