Ikea Confirms August Release of Upcoming Smart Blinds, Pricing and Sizes Revealed

Ikea has confirmed that their highly anticipated smart blinds will be released in August of this year. Originally introduced with a target release in April, Ikea’s smart blinds have seen delays due to firmware and manufacturing issues, but have since showed signs that they could be coming soon through signage in stores and through their inventory systems. The smart blinds, which are notable for their lower cost when compared to other solutions on the market, are currently listed on the Sweden Ikea website with the following note:

β€œSales start in August. We appreciate your interest in our smart roller blinds QUADRILLE and FYRTUR. These roller blinds were supposed to start being sold in February, but will now instead be available in August, according to our predictions.

At IKEA, we always want to offer the best possible product to our customers. The delay is due to the fact that we found an opportunity for increased functionality and therefore wanted to update the products software before we launched the roller blinds in our stores.”

Pricing and sizes for the FYRTUR line, which is the black out version in gray, were also released via an updated window and blind sizing guide first spotted by u/50atomic on the TRADFRI subreddit. The FYRTUR series includes 7 different size options and ranges in price starting at $129 up to $179. Included in the box with the blinds are a rechargeable battery, a wireless remote control, and a zigbee repeater which must be plugged in to an outlet that is within 32 feet of the blind. To add the blinds to HomeKit, a TRADFRI gateway is required, which currently retails for $29.99. Here’s the breakdown of all the available size options, along with their respective part numbers and pricing information:

23Γ—763⁄4″ 304.174.60 $129

27Γ—763⁄4″ 104.174.61 $139 

30Γ—763⁄4″ 904.174.62 $149 

32Γ—763⁄4″ 704.174.63 $154 

34Γ—763⁄4″ 504.174.64 $159 

36Γ—763⁄4″ 204.174.65 $164 

38Γ—763⁄4″ 004.174.66 $169 

48Γ—763⁄4″ 504.174.59 $179

We are definitely excited at the upcoming release of the FYRTUR line, and will be picking up a few as soon as they are available. Have any thoughts on Ikea’s upcoming blinds? Will you be investing in them or another smart blind brand? Let us know in the comments below, or via Twitter, @HomeKit_Hero.

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