Philips Hue Smart Plug, Filament Light Bulb & More Revealed

Signify, the company behind the popular Philips Hue line of connected light bulbs may have some new products coming soon. First reported by iCulture, a new line of products including a smart plug, filament light bulb, and more are gearing up for release soon. While an expansion of lighting products is to be expected by the company that brought connected bulbs into the spotlight, the most interesting part may be the connectivity used by the products. Bluetooth is rumored to be included alongside Zigbee, which would allow the company to sell products that work without a hub.

The Philips Hue smart plug, which is a first for the company, looks to support more than just the North American market, with a European variant being leaked. The plug is compact, and resembles the classic 5W power adapter that Apple has included with the iPhone for years. A small button sits on the top of the plug, which we assume will be for manually toggling the power state to anything connected to it. According the iCulture the device will retail for $29.95.

Up next is a filament style light bulb, which the company has lagged behind competitors in introducing as the trend for these designs emerged quite a few years ago. Three versions of the bulb are in the works, including E27, G93 and ST19 sizes which should cover a lot of the market. Bluetooth connectivity will be included as well as Zigbee, making it compatible with existing Hue hubs, as well as potentially being able to connect to HomeKit right out of the box. iCulture reports that the filament bulbs will be introduced in September, and will feature prices ranging from $19.95 to $29.95.

Updated versions of some of the company’s existing products are also in the works. A new version of the portable Hue Go lamp which includes an improvement to the power cord is listed alongside updates to the GU10, E14, and standard Edison Screw (A19/E27) styles. Finally, new lighting fixtures are in the pipeline, including several spot lights, the Fugato Spot, Argenta Spot which take on a light bar design, as well as the Centura which is a recessed spotlight. The previously leaked Adore mirror lamp will also be making an appearance this year, which aims to modernize the traditional vanity mirror.

iCulture speculates that Signify will use the IFA show in Berlin to launch their new products later this year, as the trade-show is scheduled in September. It will be certainly be interested to see if Signify’s new Bluetooth devices work out of the box with HomeKit, or if the inclusion of the connectivity is something that will be activated at a later date. With the addition of a smart plug to the Philips Hue line, the last remaining home lighting solution, a Hue branded in-wall light switch, is the only thing preventing the company from covering the entire market, which we believe will happen sooner or later.

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