Legrand Arteor with Netatmo Line Up Revealed for Australian Market

Legrand, a leader within the electrical world which recently acquired popular connected device manufacturer Netatmo has introduced a line of HomeKit enabled products for our friends down under. Marketed under the Arteor brand, the company’s products include some much needed solutions for Australian consumers. The Arteor line up uses Legrands existing iOS App, Home + Control, which is the same as the company’s other smart home lines, such as Celiane, Living Now and Bticino which may mean that products such as a “rolling shutter” could be introduced in the future.

The Arteor line includes a gateway/hub which connects to other accessories using the Zigbee wireless protocol, which enables fast and reliable connections.  The gateway supports up to 100 devices, either wired or wireless, making it a device that you can truly make the center of your smart home. Additional products include a “wireless master switch”, “smart powerpoint” and a “smart light switch”.  While a smart light switch is par for the course in the smart home world, Legrand’s implementation are completely customizable, with as whopping 17 different finishes being available. The smart powerpoint is the company’s take on a traditional smart plug, and the wireless master switch looks to be a connected switch capable of controlling other connected devices.

The Arteor line is available now, although with high end finishes from Legrand, they are certainly not the cheapest products on the market. The Arteor Smart Starter Kit, which consists of the aforementioned gateway, wireless master switch, smart light switch, and smart powerpoint is currently listed at $489.90 on Mitre10.com.au, and carries a label that states that it “must be installed by a licensed electrician” which will only add to the cost of admission. However, these products are still a good sign for the Australian market and HomeKit in general due to the relative lack of availability in areas outside of North America.

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