Koogeek Environment Monitor & Fingerprint Padlock Now Available on Amazon

Koogeek, popular manufacturer of low cost HomeKit accessories has teased several upcoming devices for quite a while now on the company’s website. Now it looks as though some of these devices are finally hitting the market, with two previously unreleased products now being available to order from Amazon. The Koogeek Environment Monitor is a multi-sensor designed to provide users with air quality, temperature, and humidity readings within the home. The Koogeek Fingerprint Padlock, is the second known example of a HomeKit enabled lock of this style, after the HiTechouse Smart Fingerprint Lock which we reviewed earlier this year.

Dubbed the Koogeek A1 Smart Environment Monitor, the small, circular designed unit is focused on indoor air quality. Featuring a small 2.8” TFT LCD Display, the A1 Monitor can show air quality readings, room temperature, humidity, light, and sound levels. A built in night light and a rechargeable battery make the unit portable, which enables it to be easily set in different areas around the home to help determine sources of issues. Currently, the A1 Smart Environment Monitor is available for shipping on Amazon Germany, and is priced at $119.99. The Amazon U.S. store has a listing up for the device, but does not show that it is in stock currently, suggesting that it may go live soon.

The Koogeek FL1 Fingerprint Lock is as you would expect by its name, a modern, smart, take on the traditional padlock. Instead of using a key, or combination to allow access, the FL1 uses fingerprint scanning and your iOS devices to lock and unlock the device. The FL1 supports of to 50 unique fingerprints, and has a built-in, rechargeable battery that the company promises will last up to 1 year or 30,000 actions after being charged for just 2 hours. The lock is designed with an 1/4 inch diameter stainless steel shackle, as well as a zinc alloy body, and is backed by a 1 year warranty. It is currently unknown if the lock has any weatherproofing rating, so you may want to keep the lock undercover to ensure operability. The Koogeek FL1 Fingerprint Lock is currently available for shipping on Amazon U.S. for $54.99.

With the release of the padlock and environment monitor, Koogeek is down to just a few unreleased products on their roadmap. Still to come are the KC01 Smart Camera, and two smart door locks. The last update on the company’s camera that we have seen was way back in April of last year, when Koogeek applied to the FCC for testing purposes, which should have meant that it would have been released by now, but unfortunately, it may have hut some unexpected snags. We will have more on the FL1 Fingerprint Lock soon, as we look to compare it with the HiTechouse Fingerprint Lock which is its only competitor on the market.

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