Wyze Slams the Door on HomeKit Compatibility for Current Line of Low Cost Cameras

Startup darlings, Wyze, maker of insanely cheap smart home security cameras has long been questioned about potential support for Apple’s smart home platform, HomeKit. The company’s bread and butter, which are connected cameras that offer decent video resolution, free cloud storage, and extra features such as pan and tilt, would be a great addition to HomeKit, as they are sold in the $20-$40 range which undercuts the competition by quite a bit. Currently, the cheapest HomeKit camera on the market is the D-Link Omna 180, which is now several years old, and offers a similar feature set to Wyze’s offerings at cost of $130.

Recently, there has been some signs of hope with regards to adding support, as representatives from Wyze citing their interest in HomeKit to their community. While no promises were made, the company let it be known that they were “testing” the feasibility of such an addition, and acknowledge that it would require some re-architecting of the way their cameras processed video. Unfortunately, it appears that this testing phase has come and gone, and HomeKit support is not in the cards for the company’s current generation cameras. The company provided the following in an update this week on their community forums:

Update time on HomeKit:

We are still investigating the work required to provide HomeKit compatibility for Wyze Bulb and Wyze Sense products. Unfortunately, we have completed the analysis for cameras and determined that we will not be able to bring HomeKit to the current generation of our products (Cam v1 & v2 and Pan).

We recognize the privacy and security that HomeKit Secure Video provides to Apple customers and are excited about potential integration with our future products using local processing. We will investigate how to bring HomeKit to future versions of those devices and share more details when available.”

Even though this does rule out the possibility that current cameras will see HomeKit support, we are still optimistic due to just how forthcoming Wyze was regarding the issue. The company has also repeatedly stated their excitement towards the platform, and they certainly know just how much marketshare they could gain if they were to release an affordable model for HomeKit, so we hold out hope that we could one day see Wyze as a HomeKit vendor. Which cameras are you currently using with HomeKit? Have a Wyze camera and want to share your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter, @HomeKit_Hero.

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