Lutron Caseta App Update Coming July 8th, Expands Device Limit to 75

Lutron, manufacturers of the Caseta line of smart switches, dimmers, and lamp modules, has sent out a notice today that their App will be receiving an update in a couple of weeks time. Scheduled to go live Monday, July 8th, the Caseta App will be updated to support an expanded number of devices that can be handled by the Caseta Hub. Currently, the consumer Caseta hub supports 50 devices, which if you are anything like us, means that you may be nearing the limits due to the sheer amount of switches that are installed within the home.

With the update, the Caseta hub and App will now support up to 75 devices, which is still a seemingly arbitrary number, but it it still a welcome change. We hope that this change also means that the company will eventually make it so that the consumer level hub will match the “Pro” Caseta hub in terms of device limit (100) and remove the Pro hub from the product line as it seems to be nothing more than a marketing scheme. With additional devices being added to the product line over the past few months, such as the Caseta Fan Speed Control, and the Aurora light dimmer, the company must know that their new options could be limited by these limits.

Lutron has not communicated if there are any additional improvements or fixes coming with the update. The update will be available through the iOS App store, and Lutron states that users that have automatic updates enabled, they will not have to do anything else to receive the new capabilities, suggesting that this limit was strictly imposed in software. What are your thoughts on the update? Are you close to the device limit on your hub? Did you have to invest in the Pro hub to meet your needs? Let us know in the comments below, or on Twitter, @HomeKit_Hero.

2 thoughts on “Lutron Caseta App Update Coming July 8th, Expands Device Limit to 75

  1. Would be great for Lutron to enable the pico remote in Homekit and allow the pico remote button events to be exposed in Homekit automation. The Philips Hue 4 button dimmer switch allows button presses to control Homekit accessories and scenes. I would love to see Lutron provide the same functionality with their pico remotes.


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