Opro9 HomeKit Smart Air Purifier Now Available

Opro9, the Taiwan based manufacturer of Apple accessories and smart home devices has released what is believed to be the first HomeKit enabled air purifier. The aptly named Opro9 smart Air Purifier, takes a non-traditional approach to air cleaning, with a water based system that is designed to “wash” the air by absorbing impurities and releasing negative ions. We are by no means experts in this technology, and we are relaying information as provided by the company.

The Opro9 Smart Air Purifier features a white plastic oval design, with a large indicator LED dedicated to displaying the current air quality in the home. The LED will display a total of five different colors, each representing the amount of pollutants in the air, ranging from red which is “dirty” all the way up to blue which is “clean”. The top of the unit is removable, and a water reservoir can be found directly underneath. Opro9 states that no filters are needed with this purification method, which is a welcome change from the run of the mill purifiers that are abundant in North America. Opro9’s Smart Air Purifier can cover up to 350 square feet, and utilizes Wi-Fi for connectivity to HomeKit. Additional controls on the device itself include fan speed, timer length, and a light toggle. LED indicators for network connection, and water levels can also be found near the top of the unit.

A brief demonstration of Opro9’s Smart Air Purifier was recently featured in a YouTube video titled “Made in Taiwan” from the New Tang People’s Asia-Pacific Television Station. Although the video mainly focuses on the impact of the smart home market and Taiwan’s role in bringing products to the market, the purifier is shown operating through its various modes (this segment starts around the 2 minute mark).

The Opro9 Smart Air Purifier is available now in Taiwain directly from Opro9’s online store. The purifier is listed at NT$4,990 which is roughly $160 U.S. Additional purification liquids can also be purchased directly from the company, which can be added to the water reservoir to aid in the removal of thing such as formaldehyde, ammonia, and second hand smoke. We certainly hope that this product expands to other markets around the globe, as there is definitely a need for the product category, as well as air purification in general. What do you think of the Opro9’s offering? Are you going to be picking one up soon? Let us know in the comments below, or on Twitter, @HomeKit_Hero.

3 thoughts on “Opro9 HomeKit Smart Air Purifier Now Available

  1. How often do you respond to questions? I only ask,cause I asked a question on 10-21-19..Here it is 10-26-19,five days later & I still haven’t gotten any response…That question was..Where can I get the Opro9 Smart Air Purifier in America?


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