Legrand’s Home Smart Lighting Lineup Now Available

Announced via a press release today, electrical specialist Legrand, is bringing their Home Smart Lighting line of connected devices to HomeKit. The Home Smart Lighting lineup is a Wi-Fi connected, platform agnostic series of devices that work without the need for a separate hub. In addition to Apple’s HomeKit, Amazon’s Alexa, and the Google Assistant are also supported making Legrand’s offerings one of the rare Wi-Fi devices that supports all of the major smart home platforms. The lineup includes smart switches, dimmers, and plugs, at an affordable price, and some are available today.

Legrand’s Home Smart line includes 2 versions of the classic on and off rocker light switch. The Smart Switch with HomeKit Technology is a cleanly designed rocker with a small LED indicator light sitting at the top of the switch itself. Around the back are terminal slots, which allow for quick and easy wiring, where your existing wires just slip inside of the designated terminal and tightening a terminal “clamp” holds them in place. Included inside of the box are extra wire leads, just in case your existing wiring is too short to make the connections, and a screw-less wall plate, which is a nice touch. This switch is 3-way wiring compatible, and a separate remote unit being available that looks identical to the Smart Switch. The Smart Switch retails for $45.98 and the 3-way remote will start at just $39.98, both of which are available for purchase today on Amazon.

Dimmer versions of the company’s lights switches, dubbed the Smart Tru-Universal Dimmer and Remote have also been released by the company. The Smart-Tru Dimmer features a more compact rocker switch, with an even small dimmer positioned next to it. Small LED indicator lights report the level of brightness currently set, and Tru-Universal technology means that the dimmer will work with any 120V dimmable bulb. An accompanying remote dimmer switch is also available, which works with a 3-way wiring set up. The Smart-Tru dimmer retails for $63.48 and the remote $59.98, which makes them slightly higher than their non-dimmer counterparts.

Rounding out the line up are the Plug-In Switch and the Plug-In Dimmer. The Plug-In Switch is your standard smart outlet, but comes in a well designed compact housing complete with a power toggle button on the face of the unit. A locator light is also included on the plug itself, making it easy to see at night. The Plug-In Dimmer functions similarly to the Caseta Lamp Module, where it can adjust the brightness levels of any lamp that is connected to the onboard outlet. Legrand is touting that the same Smart-Tru technology used on their dimmer switches is also available on the Plug-In Dimmer, making it compatible with your existing dimmable bulbs. Pricing and availability for these plug in units are not yet available.

We are excited to see Legrand’s foray into the North American HomeKit market, and look forward to testing them out soon. Legrand brings with it an extensive history within the electrical trade, potentially making them the go-to solution for those looking for a durable, quality, product that can withstand the test of time.

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