D-Link’s Omna 180 Camera Will Not Be Updated To Support HomeKit Secure Video

Apple’s HomeKit Secure Video feature made headlines when announced during the WWDC Keynote address last month for its focus on security, privacy, and usage of iCloud for storage. Manufacturer’s such as Robin Telecom, and Netatmo, makers of HomeKit cameras already available on the market quickly confirmed that their existing devices would be receiving firmware updates to support the new feature. Logitech also jumped on board a few days later by announcing that their popular Circle 2 camera would also support the feature, leaving D-Link and their Omna 180 Camera as the only company with a HomeKit camera on the market yet to comment.

This has changed today, when the company finally gave an update about their Omna 180 Camera and HomeKit Secure Video. While it was not announced in a press release, a company representative responded to an inquiry on Twitter about the camera. When posed with the question on if the camera would support the upcoming feature, the D-Link France Twitter account stated the following:

Nous sommes au regret de vous annoncer que le développement d’un firmware permettant l’intégration de la caméra Omna dans HomeKit Secure Vidéo ne sera pas fait.


L’équipe D-Link

When translated to English, we unfortunately see the following comment stating that HomeKit Secure Video support is not coming:

We regret to announce that the development of a firmware allowing the integration of the Omna camera into HomeKit Secure Video will not be done.

The D-Link Team

This is obviously not the news that HomeKit and Omna owners want to hear when it comes to their cameras. The Omna 180 was the first HomeKit camera on the market, and commanded a hefty premium at the registers despite some glaring issues such as the lack of any way to mount the device. The camera is also still being sold on places such as Amazon, as well as directly from Apple in stores and online, albeit at a lower cost of $129.99, and will undoubtably cause some confusion when the feature drops this fall.

We hope that the company reconsiders this decision, not only because of the price paid by early adopters, but due to the lack of available HomeKit cameras in general. Of course, an updated version of the camera could also be in the cards, but D-Link has been rather quiet now regarding HomeKit and their existing camera for quite a while suggesting that they may not be actively developing for the platform. Now that the cat is out of the bag, we expect that the company will be making this “official” in some capacity soon enough.

Do you own an Omna 180 Camera? What do you think of this development? Let us know in the comments below, or on Twitter, @HomeKit_Hero.

2 thoughts on “D-Link’s Omna 180 Camera Will Not Be Updated To Support HomeKit Secure Video

  1. if they don‘t update the firmware to support secure video, this will be the last d-link product i‘ve bought. for sure. and i‘ve got a ton of hardware from them.


  2. I just bought an Omna 180. I really like it, but I’m really disappointed. I suppose d-link will offer its own cloud storage option, which will be ok.


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