Ikea Releases Updated TRADFRI Light Bulbs, Panels & More

Today, Ikea has revamped their TRADFRI smart home line with new devices and updates to their existing light bulbs. The TRADFRI line, which is now a part of Ikea’s Home Smart range of connected products, is lauded for their low prices and interoperability with all of the major smart home platforms. While today did not bring forth the highly anticipated smart blinds, the company has released some new products, as well as bringing some favorites from across the world to the United States for the first time.

First up is a β€œfilament” style light bulb in the traditional A19/E26 size. This bulb is interesting in that it promises to provide the decorative look that is in style, but from the looks of the bulb, it may not live up to expectations. However, the bulb, which retails for $15.99, can output up to 806 lumens of brightness, and supports 3 different color temperatures.

Up next is a new E12, or candelabra base, color and white light bulb. This bulb takes on the shape of a traditional light bulb, but is small enough to be used for ceiling fans and chandeliers. The bulb is rated at 650 lumens of output making it one of the brighter options in the somewhat hard to find size in the smart home world. The new E12 bulb retails for $19.99 make it a bargain for a color bulb in this size.

Ikea has also updated their starter kits for the TRADFRI line to include the latest light bulbs. Starting at $69.99, a package can be purchased that includes the TRADFRI gateway, wireless remote, two E12 bulbs and one A19/E26 bulbs. Another option is available for $79.99 that includes the aforementioned gateway, remote, and two A19/E26 bulbs with an output of 1,000 lumens.

New to the United States is the release of Ikea’s Floalt line of light fixtures. For those unfamiliar, the Floalt series are LED light panels, which can be hung on a wall or ceiling. Three different sizes are available, with two square options coming in at 12” x 12” and 24” x 24”, as well as one rectangular panel which measures 12” x 35”. Light output varies, between 650 lumens all the way up to 2,800 lumens respectively, and prices start at $69.99. These panels look to be a great way to add light to dark areas in the home, as well as them acting as a conversation or artistic piece with their simple, clean designs.

Finally, Ikea looks to be preparing to release an outdoor motion sensor as well as new spotlights according to the Ikea Home Smart App. No further details have been provided by Ikea surrounding these items, however, with their additions to the App, we expect to hear something soon. Special thanks to Chris Young for providing screenshots of these devices from the Ikea App. Check out his work over at homekitgeek.com, and be sure to check out his youtube channel for reviews and how to’s for all things HomeKit and more.

Ikea looks to be really ramping up their smart home efforts with these new releases and more coming soon. Next month, we expect to see the company’s AirPlay 2 compatible speakers that were made in partnership with Sonos. Also slated to be released either in the August/September/October timeframe are the smart blinds that the whole IoT world is waiting for. What do you think of the newest Ikea devices? What devices are you planning to pick up? Let us know in the comments below, or on Twitter, @HomeKit_Hero.

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