Ultion’s HomeKit Enabled Smart Lock Coming July 22nd

Ultion, a sub brand of the Britain based Brisant Secure Company, is set to release its first HomeKit enabled Smart Lock near the end of this month. Originally shown off at the FIT Show 2019, Ultion’s Smart Lock combines the company’s “Sweet” door lock design which is noted for its 10 year durability guarantee with connected technology from Danalock, makers of a standalone HomeKit lock solution. When originally announced, Ultion targeted an “end of June” release window, however it was hit with a small delay keeping it from being shipped to customers. Now the lock finally looks to be preparing for delivery, with the company providing an in-stock date of July 22nd on its online store.

Ultion’s Smart Lock will be available in 5 color variations for the European market, and will have a suggested retail price of £259. Color options can be customized to match both exterior and interior decor, creating some unique, but ultimately more better suited color combinations. Colors include Silver Grey, Gold, White, Black and Chrome, and are backed by Brisant’s “10 year promise” which the company guarantees that the hardware will “still be working and looking sweet for a decade.” Other customizable options for the lock include things such as cylinder size, distance between handles, and even a pre-assigned key code.

When it comes to the actual smart portion of the lock, the company incorporated technology from Danalock, which HomeKit fans should be familiar with as the brand is one of the few available locks currently on the market. Design wise, the company essentially took the existing Danalock V3, and physically attached it to where a traditional lock would go creating a somewhat odd appearance considering that the hardware is noted for its aesthetics. Of course this unusual combination is only visible on the interior portion of the door, and the external portion looks identical to a traditional lock. The lock is powered by 4 CR123A batteries and Ultion states that it will last up to 1.5 years before needing to be replaced.

For security, the company touts a “£1000 Guarantee” which will pay owners of the Ultion Smart Lock the stated amount if a burglary occurs within 5 years of the date of installation. To activate the guarantee, owners must register their lock on the company’s website within 28 days of installation, and access to the home must have been conducted via “snapping” the lock itself. Of course there are other terms involved, and full details can be found by clicking here. Other features include smart lock staples such as Auto locking and unlocking, shared remote codes for guests, and integration with the AirBnB App.

The Ultion Smart Lock can be pre-ordered now directly from Ultion, and is listed with a July 22nd in-stock date. What do you think of Ultion’s Smart Lock? Are you planning to pick one up? Let us know in the comments below, or on Twitter, @HomeKit_Hero.

One thought on “Ultion’s HomeKit Enabled Smart Lock Coming July 22nd

  1. I purchased one of these and had to return it. The home.app constantly lost connection and 99% of the time did not work. all the features advertised on their website are NOT AVAILABLE on the HomeKit version. No Auto Unlock, No Digital Key’s for other users and Un responsive HomeKit makes this absolutely useless.


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