Eve for HomeKit App Update Adds Dark Mode, Expanded Aqua Controls

HomeKit device manufacturer Eve Systems has updated their popular Eve for HomeKit App today adding several new enhancements. The Eve for HomeKit App is already our go-to App for creating automations that are more complex simply not available in the iOS Home App, such as ones based on temperature conditions within the home, and the latest update makes it even better.

The biggest addition in this update is a new dark mode theme that is enabled in the App’s settings menu. As you would expect, this option makes the all white background that the App uses turn black, making things such as buttons and sliders really pop with color. This option is available now for users on iOS 12, but unfortunately, it is not available for those on the iOS 13 betas.

Next up is expanded options for the Eve Aqua, which is the company’s irrigation controller that attaches to a hose spigot. New options include scheduling up to 7 watering periods per day, watering based on time periods such as sunrise and sunset, and suspension of watering schedules via scenes and for weather conditions. Yes, you read that right, the Eve Aqua is finally gaining the ability to account for weather, meaning no more watering on rainy days. This new option is powered by Siri Shortcuts, and works by using a simple voice command to tell Siri that it is, or will be raining.

To enable the newest option, a firmware update for the Aqua must be installed which was released today along with the App update. This update brings the Aqua up to version 1.2.8 and it can be updated through the Eve for HomeKit App by navigating to the device settings screen.

The Eve for HomeKit App is available for free from the iOS App Store, and existing users of the App can download the latest version now. The Eve Aqua irrigation controller retails for $99 and is available directly from Eve or from retailers such as Amazon. What do you think of the latest update? Are you excited for the Eve Aqua updgrades? Let us know in the comments below, or on Twitter, @HomeKit_Hero.

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