Ikea Releases Commercial for Upcoming Smart Blinds, Confirms Mid-August Launch

Swedish retail giant, Ikea has uploaded a commercial for the company’s highly anticipated smart blinds and Sonos speaker to their Denmark YouTube page today. The commercial, first spotted by u/Benkbrodrost on the Tradfri subreddit, features no spoken words, shows off how the two connected devices can simulate waking up naturally, with bird calls and sunlight coming through a speaker and opening blinds.

While nothing new was shown off in the commercial regarding a release date, u/majezik91, again on the Tradfri subreddit found that the company also released a press release to accommodate the video acknowledging the demand for the company’s smart blind solution, and confirms availability coming in mid-August. The company also mentioned for the first time that the smart blinds will be available both in stores and online, suggesting that they will have enough inventory to accommodate both which is certainly a good sign.

Here is the press release translated (poorly) to English:

Make your home even smarter

16 July 2019

Coming soon

We have experienced great demand for our electric roller blinds.Β 

And now there is good news – they are right on the stairs.

The curtains can be purchased in the warehouses and online from mid-August.

You only need to touch a finger

With PINE and KADRILJ electric Roller Blinds You can control the light in the room directly from your bed, couch or a completely different place.Β 

With the supplied remote control orΒ 


IKEA Home Smart AppΒ More Roller blinds can be controlled wirelessly – at the same time or separately.

Choose the type of curtain that best suits the room

The Electric roller blinds are available in two different versions (and several dimensions).Β 

The LIGHTHOUSE closes the light completely, and KADRILJ lets some of the light pass through.Β 

This makes it easy to create just the right light in the room, home privacy and the best conditions for a good night’s sleep, gentle awakening and good start to the day.

Your entire home at your fingertips

You can choose to control your electric roller blinds with the included remote control.Β 

With the IKEA Home Smart app you can not only control your curtains, but also combine them with other IKEA Home Smart products, such asΒ 


Before long you will also be able to connect audio from SYMPHONIC Wi-Fi speakers, which can be purchased from August.Β 

This allows you to create your own preset moods with a mix of light, lighting and sound.Β 

For example, a light setting for when watching TV and another for cozy dinners.

How excited are you for the upcoming smart blinds? How many are you looking to install around your home? Planning on adding a Sonos & Ikea speaker as well? Let us know in the comments below, or on Twitter, @HomeKit_Hero.

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