What’s New in the Home App in iOS 13/macOS Catalina/WatchOS 6 Developer Beta 4?

This week, Apple has released the 4th developer betas for all of its operating systems, as well as public beta 3. In the fourth round of developer betas, we expected to see some improvements with regard to the little bugs and issues introduced in Beta 3, but unfortunately, this does not seem to be the case. In fact, we were hard pressed to find any changes at all in the Home App. Let’s take a look at what we did manage to find, and what issues still remain.


Camera notification phrasing has been updated.

Camera notifications got a subtle change with the latest betas in preparation for the launch HomeKit Secure Video. Notifications will now display the following phrase: The “Camera Name” camera has detected motion. Previously, the notification would simply refer to the motion event within the assigned room.

Over on macOS even though the Home App is pretty much the same between the two operating systems, we did notice an update to the camera view on the mac. When viewing a live camera feed we noticed a dedicated button for picture in picture mode is now available. Clicking on the button works just as you would expect, with a smaller pop out window appearing with your camera’s feed.

The new multi-sensor device icon is now displayed in WatchOS 6

In WatchOS 6, we noticed that the placeholder “house” icon that was used on devices with multiple sensors has been updated to include the new “dots” icon that represent the number of metrics being measured. Performance wise, we also felt like the Home App on the Apple Watch was generally quicker to update and more responsive, however we cannot say for certain if actual changes were made or if this is merely a placebo effect kicking in.

Splash Screens

While we are fairly certain that this splash screen has been around for quite a while, we were surprised to see the “Welcome to Home” screen appear after opening the Home App for the first time on our iPhone after updating to developer beta 4.

Bugs & Remaining Issues

As previously mentioned, developer beta 3 on all platforms introduced quite a bit of odd layout issues and it felt more like a regression rather newer build. Still present in developer beta 4 are the list alignment issues, and scan credit card shown when using going back to the add accessory function after choosing “I Don’t Have a Code or Cannot Scan”.

Just as we were with developer beta 3, we are still disappointed to see that the display issue surrounding devices with multiple sensors has not been corrected. This means that devices such as the Onvis SMS 1 which has sensors for motion, temperature and humidity are not displaying the sensor data from the favorites or room tabs. For devices such as power strips, the device tile will display short mention such as “2 on 1 off”.


No changes found.

Behind the Scenes

No changes found.

We will be updating this list if we find any additional changes throughout the next few days. Find any changes that we missed? Let us know in the comments below, or on Twitter, @HomeKit_Hero

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