Cabin, HomeKit Visualization App Now Available

Locometric, the United Kingdom based developers behind the RoomScan Pro App are back with a new HomeKit App named Cabin. The company’s latest offering provides a unique way of interacting with the HomeKit accessories in your home by using mapping technology to provide 2D and 3D views of your home. Once your home is scanned, individual accessories can be assigned to the various fixtures located in your map, allowing swipes and taps to control their functions.

The Cabin App is free to download from the iOS App Store, and provides users with access to a demo home with a few accessories showing off the various interaction modals. In our brief hands on with the demo, we found zooming into and around the home to be fast and fluid, although we did encounter some layout issues which may be related to iOS 13.

For those interested in scanning their own homes into the App, it should be noted that a subscription fee is required. While the topic of subscriptions is polarizing, Cabin chose to offer their product for $9.99 a year, and the company states within that App that it will go towards its ongoing development.

What do you think of the Cabin App or the concept of the “visual” home? Is this something that you are going to try? Let us know in the comments below, or on Twitter, @HomeKit_Hero.

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