DayView Apple TV Dashboard App Updated, Now Completely Free

DayView, a popular “dashboard” style of App from developer Punya Chatterjee received an update this week bringing it up to version 1.5, and it comes with quite a big surprise. For those unfamiliar with the App, DayView essentially turns your Apple TV into a “dashboard” of sorts, displaying information that you care about on the big screen, such as the time, news, weather, and even HomeKit features. HomeKit support comes in the form of easily accessible scenes and accessories that can be toggled with just a swipe and tap on the Siri Remote. A live HomeKit camera view is also offered, slotting right in alongside any other sources of information that you assign.

The App utilizes 6 slots or spaces in a grid style of view and offers over 10 different information sources that can be displayed. While the App has always been free to download, a “Pro” option was available that included several additional features such as adding a second widget of the same type via an in-app purchase. With the update to version 1.5, the Pro option has been removed entirely, and the App is now completely free with no other in-app purchases options, and no advertising.

So why the big change? According to a splash screen that is now displayed after opening the App for the first time after updating, the developer has stated that they have joined Apple (congrats!). This of course comes with some unfortunate news for fans (like us) of the App, with the developer stating “This will be the last foreseeable update to the app“. While DayView is certainly a niche App, it has a nice following, and there is still huge potential for this type of App on the Apple TV, or even the iPad. We hope to see continued efforts into this space in the future from others, not just in the consumer space, but for businesses as well.

The DayView App can be downloaded for free only from the Apple TV App Store, and the update is now available for existing users. What do you think of DayView or the concept of dashboard style Apps? Do you currently use one, or know of one that we haven’t covered? Let us know in the comments below, or on Twitter, @HomeKit_Hero.

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