Harmony Bridge macOS App Update Adds Device Specific Toggles

Harmony Bridge, the macOS utility that connects Logitech Harmony Hub connected devices to HomeKit has been updated to support several new features. The App, developed by Guy Brooker, worked exactly as advertised when we reviewed it just a few months ago making it a must have for those with a Logitech Harmony set up in their homes, especially for those without one of the latest AirPlay 2/HomeKit enabled TV’s.

The latest update, which brings it up to version 1.0.5, adds two new features. The first is an option to hide the App, which must be running at all times on your Mac, from the dock and adds it as a menu bar item. The biggest update though comes in the form of a new device specific power toggle option. Essentially, this allows other devices that have been added to your Harmony Hub, such as an IR based device that doesn’t quite fit the media device mold, to be visible in HomeKit as a separate device. This option was one that we noted was sorely needed during our review of the App, but it is related to how the Harmony system works and not the App itself.

To enable the new device power toggle feature, with the Harmony Bridge App running, simply click on the “Homekit” menu, and then highlight “Add Power Toggle”. Your devices that have been added to the Harmony Bridge should show up, and clicking on it will create the toggle switch. In our case, this added the new device toggle to HomeKit’s “default room”, which we were then able to rename and place in the room that our device was actually in. Of course, this is one limitation with this new implementation, which is again, related to the way that Logitech’s Harmony system is designed. Unfortunately, the Harmony Hub itself is not able to determine the devices actual status state, which could cause it to come out of sync, but a simple double toggle of the state should remedy this, and this feature is more than worth the potential hassle. In our testing, the Home App did not have any issue with displaying the current state.

Harmony Bridge is available to download on the macOS App Store for $5.99. The developer also has other Apps that act in a similar fashion, one for TPLink Kasa devices, and another for Ambi climate devices. What do you think of Harmony Bridge and this update? Are you currently running the App in your home setup? Let us know in the comments below, or on Twitter, @HomeKit_Hero.

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