HomeKit Support for G.E. Portable Air Conditioner Coming Soon?

General Electric, which recently made the HomeKit news rounds with an announcement of an updated line of window air conditioning units, is again making HomeKit news with a potentially new product. According to an anonymous tipster, G.E. has recently released a new portable air conditioner, with the model number APHD10AXWB exclusively to be sold at Walmart stores. The unit is marked as supporting both The Google Assistant and Apple’s HomeKit. However, this release appears to have hit a snag, at least when it comes to HomeKit support.

According to our source, after G.E. shipped the unit to Walmart stores across the United States, the company’s product ended up failing the HomeKit certification process. While we cannot confirm that this was indeed the case, our source has provided some pictures of what the company (or Walmart) has had to adopt in order to prevent confusion regarding compatibility for the time being. This process apparently involves taking white stickers and placing them over the HomeKit logo on the packaging, but unfortunately, the sticker is, as you can see, a little transparent.

Since the company was went through the effort of printing the HomeKit logos on their packaging for the air conditioner, we can only assume that support will eventually be coming sooner rather than later. HomeKit support would be notable as this would mark the first known instance of a portable, non-window unit air conditioner being available for Apple’s smart home platform. Portable units are a more convenient option for those looking for some relief from the summers heat as they can be set up in just a matter of minutes. These units only require a hose to be routed through an open window to remove heat from the air, and typically consist of an adjustable “adapter” that sits between an open window. However, unlike traditional in-window units, portable air conditioners have a drain line that must be emptied after a certain amount of time has passed.

Image depicting HomeKit code placement from the APHD10AXWB’s user manual.

The G.E. APHD10AXWB is listed with an MSRP of $389, and can be purchased now through Walmart, which curiously has it listed at $499. We will certainly be keeping our eyes on this device, and will keep you updated with any new regarding its HomeKit support. What do you think of G.E.’s portable air conditioner? Is this a device that you are in the market for? Let us know in the comments below, or on Twitter, @HomeKit_Hero.

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