Vizio’s Begins Rollout of HomeKit & AirPlay 2 TV Updates

Vizio, makers of the line of SmartCast connected TV’s, has announced that they have begun their highly anticipated rollout of HomeKit and AirPlay 2 to select models. The features, which were announced back in January of this year, have been in beta testing for the past several months, and work pretty much as advertised.

Owners of capable televisions will gain remote control abilities through Apple’s Home App, control center remote and via Siri, as well as deeper integration such as automation support when iOS 13 is released later this fall. Example automations can include true “movie night” routines, that could dim the lights, turn on the tv, and set it to the correct input for a media player.

AirPlay 2 functionality will allow Vizio’s televisions to be paired with other speakers around the home, creating the ability to have whole house audio. As with HomeKit support, Vizio’s televisions can be tasked with playback of audio through Siri commands, via iOS control center or media playback controls.

Vizio’s lineup of capable models include a wide range of pricing, starting at $149. The company’s P, M, E, and D series televisions produced after 2016 are eligible for the update and can be downloaded now. Additional TV models will be added throughout the year. What do you think of this added functionality? Are you thinking of buying a Vizio TV now that the integration is available? Do you have a supported model? Let us know in the comments below, or on Twitter, @HomeKit_Hero.

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