What’s New in the Home App in iOS 13 Beta 7?

Today Apple has released the latest developer beta of iOS 13 exactly one week after the previous build. At this stage in the game we expected to see longstanding bugs squashed, but unfortunately as seen with the last few betas, this is not the case. This release not only leaves behind several visual bugs, but a new one has been introduced in the camera live view. Let’s take a look at what is new in developer beta 7.


iOS 12 Home App wallpapers have returned.

The wallpapers introduced in iOS 12 for the Home App have returned in this release. We were big fans of the simple gradients used previously, and we are certainly glad to have them back as the wallpapers introduced in the beta 5 were not our favorite.

Only people sharing home option added for Speaker & TV Access.

Over in settings for your HomeKit home, we found a new option under “Allow Speakers & TV Access”. A new setting labeled “Only people sharing this home” has been added, which pretty much explains itself.

Splash Screens

No new splash screens found.

Bugs & Remaining Issues

Even though we are up to beta 7, there is still a handful of bugs and issues within the Home App that have not yet been fixed. In fact, this release actually adds some new issues that have not been present in previous builds, which is certainly not a good thing to see at this late in the beta cycle.

Devices from other rooms displaying for a camera that is in another room.

New to developer beta 7 is a strange issue where devices from other rooms are now displayed in the quick view controls for HomeKit cameras. Previously, only the devices that are in the same “room” as the camera would be displayed, now we are seeing devices from other rooms being available for control.

Text alignment issues are still present within the Home App. An example of this can be found in a thermostat’s device settings, where the “Desired Humidity” metric is not aligned properly.

Still there…

The issue surrounding the display of a credit card frame when adding a device is also still present, which is surprisingly to say the least. This issue has been around for quite a few betas now, and was something introduced in this beta cycle, and was not previously seen with other releases of iOS.


Automations within the Shortcuts App have not been restored in developer beta 7. We certainly hope that this is not a sign that this feature will be delayed for the initial release of iOS 13.

Behind the Scenes

No changes found.

Comments or Questions?

We will be updating this list if we find any additional changes throughout the next few days. Find any changes that we missed? Let us know in the comments below, or on Twitter, @HomeKit_Hero.

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