Ikea’s FYRTUR Smart Blinds In Store Now in the Netherlands

The day has finally come for HomeKit users in the Netherlands as Ikea’s highly anticipated FYRTUR smart blinds are now available in stores. Reports are coming in from the TRADFRI reddit community that they are available for purchase, and Ikea’s website for the particular region is allowing orders now. The blinds are notable for their relatively low price when compared to existing solutions from competitors such as Lutron.

With the blinds on the market, one reddit user has already posted an unboxing video showing off everything that comes inside, as well as providing a teardown complete with measurements of various components. Included in the box is a signal repeater, USB adapter that charges the blind’s battery using micro-USB, mounting hardware, and of course the blind itself.

Unfortunately, Ikea’s website for North America has yet to list the smart blinds, so it looks like we will be waiting for just a while longer before they grace our homes. Ikea’s other smart blind, KADRILJ has not been seen as of yet, although we expect that it will be hitting stores within the next few days as well. The KADRILJ is light filtering option, allowing light to pass through to keep areas lit, but also provide some privacy for those indoors. The FYRTUR line is Ikea’s room darkening blinds, which we suspect will be the ones in high demand due to their ability to keep the light out in rooms such as bedrooms.

Ikea’s other smart blind option, KADRILJ

How excited are you for Ikea’s smart blinds? Are you planning to pick some up as they hit your local stores? Let us know in the comments below, or on Twitter, @HomeKit_Hero.

4 thoughts on “Ikea’s FYRTUR Smart Blinds In Store Now in the Netherlands

  1. Just got 2 in the Netherlands. Dissapointed. There is no integration with HomeKit for the blinds. Client service said that the problem is known. But no any promise if the resolution is coming as well as ETA. 😦


  2. The smart blinds were originally supposed to be released last month in Europe and hit US stores on April t, but Ikea is delaying the launch because it found β€œan opportunity for improved functionality,” and it needs to update the firmware before launch. Welcome to 2019, when your smart blinds have been delayed due to firmware updates.


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