Wallflower App Update Adds One Time Payment Option, Expanded Free Features

Wallflower, the “dashboard” style of App that is designed for wall-mounted iPads has been updated to include a new guest Wi-Fi sharing mode as well as some changes to its subscription pricing. The Wallflower App is notable as it launched with a subscription based model with the promise that updates would add additional functionality in future updates, but as we have seen with other subscription based Apps, there has been doubt as to whether not the pricing is justified. In the case of Wallflower, the App was free to download, but was limited to seeing how the App would look and operate, but did not offer true functionality without the subscription.

The latest update, which dropped yesterday, changes that with options to control a limited set of HomeKit devices per room now being available for free. This means that users with smaller HomeKit setups can most likely use the App completely free, and for those that have more complex setups, there is a new one time payment option that unlocks just the HomeKit related features. The developer does note however, that upcoming additions to the App which are not HomeKit features will not be provided through the one time purchase, and do require the subscription.

Speaking of future updates, nxtbgthng has provided a roadmap for the Wallflower, which covers some of the low hanging fruit that users have been asking for since the original release. Features such as a new digital clock option, clock sizing, room display, and device types that are not currently supported are all mentioned as being “goals” for a 2.x release. No specific timeframes have been provided for these additions, but the developer has posted a lengthy article detailing the upcoming changes, and roadmap, which can be found here.

The Wallflower App is available as a free download on the iOS App Store for both iOS and iPadOS. What do you think of the latest Wallflower update and pricing model changes? Are you now willing to give the App a shot? Is the idea of an iPad “dashboard” appealing to you? Let us know in the comments below, or on Twitter, @HomeKit_Hero.

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