FYRTUR Smart Blinds Make First Appearance on Ikea’s US Website

Released overseas late last month, Ikea’s FYRTUR Smart Blinds have been targeting October 1st for the North American market. With such a short time away from the potential release, many have been left wondering why there has been no mention of the blinds on Ikea’s United States website, prompting fears that another delay may occur.

Well the good news is that Ikea has finally added the first listings for the blinds, complete with sizing, pricing information, and documentation on the United States website. Unfortunately, the blinds cannot be purchased online as of now, and in store stock levels are displayed as “This product will soon be available at (selected store). Pricing for the blinds varies between sizes, with the smallest starting at $129, making them much more affordable when compared to existing solutions on the market.

Of course, HomeKit support, which was promised when the product was first announced has yet to materialize, making the wait somewhat easier, but still is disappointing to say the least. We are hoping that HomeKit support is slated to roll out with the North American release, but as of right now, those interested in the dream of using Siri to raise and lower their blinds may be better of waiting even longer.

Are you as excited as we are about Ikea’s blinds? Does the lack of HomeKit for the original release make you hesitant to pick them up? Let us know in the comments below, or on Twitter, @HomeKit_Hero.

3 thoughts on “FYRTUR Smart Blinds Make First Appearance on Ikea’s US Website

  1. IKEA’s sizes are ridiculously small.

    I have European-spec tilt panel windows, so I’m wondering if Swedes have little windows.

    They need to offer these in wider and longer sizes.

    I have a triple window in my bedroom that is 76”. And in other rooms the max 48” width is barely enough to cover the window frames but would be 2-3” too narrow on both sides of the shade looking woefully undersized. (Like cars with big wheel openings but little tires … I’m not into donk interior style!)

    As to length, in addition to being too narrow, with a European swing door wall, the length is about 8” too short too look good.


    1. They are actually still listed on the US website, however they moved their location to a new category called Electric Blinds, which can be found under Smart Home. They did pair down there listings though, and only two sizes are now available, which I hope is an error as they are on the small side.


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