Insignia Launches Compensation Program for Discontinued Products, Validates HomeKit

As we reported back in May of this year, Insignia, the in-house brand of big box retailer Best Buy, quietly discontinued their line of smart home products. Today, Insignia has notified users through the Insignia Connect App of an impending shutdown date, November 6th, 2019, meaning that devices that connect directly to Insignia’s cloud will no longer operate with the App.

While this is truly a big loss for those that have purchased the affected Insignia products, the company is providing compensation in the form of Best Buy gift cards as a way of easing the blow. (actual amount is unknown as of yet) Update: readers are reporting that they are now receiving their gift cards and they range from $5-$30 per device. Even though two HomeKit products are listed in the program, Insignia points out that since HomeKit products function locally, they will indeed continue to work after the shutdown, serving as a huge testament to just how important HomeKit is to the IoT market.

In order to be eligible for the compensation program, owners of the following products will need to submit their serial numbers to the Insignia Connect Product Validation Site:

Wi-Fi Smart Plugs

Wi-Fi In-Wall Switch

Wi-Fi Camera

Wi-Fi Freezers

Once your serial numbers have been submitted, you will be notified within 3 days with your status. The company has also provided an FAQ that covers some of the burning questions that users may have.

What do you think of this announcement? Are you going to be losing some functionality due to the impending announcement? Does this validate your investments in the HomeKit platform? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter, @HomeKit_Hero.

3 thoughts on “Insignia Launches Compensation Program for Discontinued Products, Validates HomeKit

  1. This is a huge rip-off. Suddenly my $35 dollar light switch has less value than a $1 light switch. As soon as they shut down the website, this is no longer a smart switch. But it will still eat the power and consume the wall space of a smart switch. I can see discontinuing the website. But for them not to open source a firmware we can upgrade to so we can connect to some other automation solution, is nothing short of theft. In my view is not just replacement cost for the light switch they owe me but money for my installation costs. They should mail me a replacement smart light switch of another brand, and provide me gift card as compensation.


    1. They should. They won’t though unless we make them. But are you willing to spend thousands of dollars on a dubious lawsuit or just wrote off the $35 you spent on the switch. I bet it’s the latter.

      Now though, I bet you’ll be even more thoughtful about what you buy in the future. It’s nice that homekit devices aren’t cloud dependent. But we need to make sure we only support solid companies with a good customer service track record.

      I honestly had a feeling that this day would come to these devices, and I regretted buying it the first time I had to contact support to have them reset my account on their side. They were quite clueless, and in the kind of way where they pretend they’re being helpful, but you know they’re just hoping you’ll hang up because they’re not allowed to.


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