Updated Eve Energy Smart Plug Revealed in FCC Filing

Eve systems, one of the first HomeKit accessory manufacturers is preparing an update to their smart plug, Eve Energy. Spotted in an FCC filing this weekend, Eve has a slimmer, redesigned plug in the works, which is much less bulkier than its original release. From the filing, we are able to determine that the plug will be using Bluetooth for connectivity, which is the same as it predecessor, and can support devices up to 1800 watts maximum.

The redesigned plug uses the typical white plastic frame that Eve’s original HomeKit devices use, and essentially looks like it is half the size of the original plug. While we cannot say for certain at this point, the plug looks like it may be thin enough to allow for two of them to be installed in a standard North American outlet, which would make it one of just a handful of HomeKit plugs thin enough to be able to do so.

Near the top righthand corner of the device is a small indicator LED/button combination. This button acts as a physical way to toggle the plug, and also serves as the reset function, with the user manual indicating that pressing and hold it for 10 seconds will start the process. Finally, just like the original Eve Energy, the updated plug will sport energy usage through the Eve for HomeKit App.

With what looks to be a completely finished product, complete with user manual, we expect that we will be seeing the updated Eve Energy announced soon. What do you think of the updated plug? Does its thinner profile make it more appealing? What were your experiences with the original? Let us know in the comments below, or on Twitter, @HomeKit_Hero.

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