Home App: What’s Changed in iOS 13

Here’s my general overview of what has changed in iOS 13 for the Home App written for iMore. This years beta/release ride was certainly bumpy to say the least, not just for the Home app. Aside from the disaster which is sensor grouping, the Home App itself has improved with additions to the icon set which remained stagnant for years, and iOS 13.1 will only make it better with expanded Shortcut and AirPlay automations.

“Apple’s Home app may not be the flashiest app around, but it is vital for those that interact with their HomeKit accessories on a daily basis. While the basics of the app are the still the same in iOS 13, the app has gotten some much needed variety on some of the icons that are used to depict our accessories. Controls for certain accessories have also been updated to provide a more consistent experience for users.”

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The next few months will be interesting to watch with the future of HomeKit Secure Video and router support still missing in action, and we will definitely keep you updated if any additional changes are found in later betas.

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