Santala’s HomeKit Enabled Light Bulbs Now Available

Santala, the Hong Kong based lighting manufacturer that has released just one HomeKit enabled product to date, the Santala Smart LED Light Strip, is back with a set of connected light bulbs. Dubbed the Smart Light Bulb LB01 and LB02, the company’s bulbs come in both a white and color variant, each supporting HomeKit, Alexa, and the Google Assistant right out of the box. Previously teased earlier this year along with a desk lamp on the company’s website, the bulbs are now available for purchase on Amazon.

Santala’s white bulb offering is currently listed for $23.99 each, which puts it in the same neighborhood as other HomeKit enabled light bulbs, but it is on the higher end. The bulb is rated as a 40 Watt equivalent, producing up to 470 lumens of brightness. Color temperature falls between 5,500-6,000K and power consumption is listed at 7 Watts. Life expectancy on the bulb is stated as being 13.8 years, at 10 hours of usage daily.

Specifications for the color bulb are almost identical, with 470 lumens of light output using just 7 Watts. Color temperature range differs slightly, ranging from 6,000-6,500K. Santala states that their multi-color bulb is capable of producing up to 16 million colors, which is pretty much the standard number for smart color bulbs. Both the white and color bulbs come in the standard A19/E26 Edison size, and they house built-in Wi-Fi that works only on 2.4ghz networks. Santala’s color bulb is currently listed for $26.99 on Amazon.

What do you think of Santala’s HomeKit light bulbs? Are their specs good enough to justify their current price points? Let us know in the comments below, or on Twitter, @HomeKit_Hero.

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