Video: Interactive HomeKit Secure Video Feature Spotted on Apple Store iPad

HomeKit Secure Video, Apple’s solution for adding HomeKit connected camera recordings and alerts to the Home App was announced at this years WWDC conference in June, has yet to materialize, even with the release of iOS 13. The feature, which was touted as being supported by several camera manufacturers such as Netatmo and Eufy, was absent in the betas for iOS 13, with only a splash screen mentioning the feature appearing during one of the early releases, suggesting that it may still be a while out before it launches. However, it appears that the feature may be further along thanks to a video posted today to YouTube which shows off the feature in motion.

Spotted by Zachary Truskowski, a demonstration iPad in an undisclosed Apple Store features an interactive Home App which includes HomeKit Secure Video. Zachary was able to grab a screen recording from the iPad, which shows off the feature complete with example footage. As seen in the minute and a half long video, various features such as A.I. identification of motion events are on display, with icons for people, animals, and vehicles depicted on a timeline. The video also shows off interactions with other devices in the same room as the camera, which is in shipping versions of iOS 13.

Zachary’s video also shows an attempt to identify the hardware used for the feature, which unfortunately, uses placeholder information and does not reference a currently available camera or company. Also seen during the video are several error messages such as “Could not complete operation”, but nonetheless, the video shows a surprisingly polished demonstration of what is to come, hopefully pointing toward a release before the end of the year.

What are your thoughts on HomeKit Secure Video after seeing the video? How important is the feature to your next camera purchase? Let us know in the comments below, or on Twitter, @HomeKit_Hero.

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