Update Roundup: Reagle Lock Gets Better Battery Life, Eve App Adds Dark Mode, & More

Its update season in Apple land with the releases of iOS 13, iPadOS and macOS Catalina all dropping over the past few weeks. This of course means that App updates are on their way too, with a bevy of HomeKit related Apps adding in that oh so crucial support for the latest operating systems. While most are adding just the basic iOS support, there were a couple of notable App updates, as well as a firmware release that extends the battery life of a security accessory. Here’s a look at a few notable updates that have dropped within the last week.

Eve for HomeKit 4.0

Eve has been around the HomeKit game for quite a while now, and with every new iOS release, the company always plays nice with new features and enhancements. Today, the Eve for HomeKit App was updated to version 4.0, which brings along support for iOS 13’s new dark mode. Eve’s implementation of dark mode follows the system wide setting, automatically adjusting based on your iOS device’s chosen theme. Since it uses the systems theme, there is no user accessible toggles to enable the feature, which is seamless for the user, but we would still like to see the option eventually. Also of note is an updated navigation bar that is simplified for ease of use by getting rid of somewhat redundant menus.


Kaiterra’s App for controlling their Laser Egg line of air quality devices, one of which we reviewed last month, received a nice visual improvement late last week. Users of the App will now see each form of measurement clearly labeled above the Historical Data graph area. This is a very welcome change, as the App now offers quick and easy access to viewing metrics such as CO2, temperature, and humidity, immediately after selecting your device. Previously readings could only be seen by tapping on the desired metric below the graph.

Chamberlain MyQ Garage & Access Control

The Chamberlain group updated their MyQ Garage & Access Control App a couple of days ago, bringing it up to version 4.140. This update has brought a new UI for guest access, which looks pretty much identical to an account holders view. During our testing of the invitation feature, we found it to be a rather pain free experience, requiring just a name and email address, and the user on the receiving end needing to create an account. The guest only has access to opening and closing a garage door, with no other options visible. It should also be noted that no passwords are needed for the guest, all that is required is accepting the household invitation via email.

Reagle Smart Lock Firmware Update

The Reagle Smart Lock received a firmware update just a couple of days ago, its first that we have seen since our review back in early August. In the latest firmware, Reagle is stating that battery life improvements have been made, which is very nice to see, although battery life has been great so far. Other improvements include Bluetooth LE connectivity issues, App syncing bugs, and a correction for a scenario in which the keypad may become unresponsive. The most recent firmware update now brings the lock up to version 1.0.7, and another one may be around the corner with the company’s Gateway device for extending connectivity coming soon.

Know of an App or firmware update that has been released recently that we missed? Let us know in the comments below, or on Twitter, @HomeKit_Hero.

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