Ikea’s FYRTUR Blinds Now Available in Some U.S. Stores

The weird and ongoing saga of Ikea’s FYRTUR smart blind release in the United States has taken yet another turn today, as reports are emerging that they are now available for purchase in select stores. Originally announced back at the beginning of the year, Ikea’s blinds have seen multiple delays, with the latest one announced just 15 days ago. The blinds, which have been available overseas for a couple of months, were slated for an October 1st release, were moved back to a rather vague, later this year timeframe, suggesting that they were still a while out. After the latest delay, various sizes of the blinds were removed from Ikea’s U.S. online storefront, leaving just 30″ and 32″ wide models left.

Image credit u/jb72123 on reddit

Posts on the Tradfri subreddit earlier today indicated that stores in Indiana and Utah have them available, with a follow up post by u/jb72123 providing a picture of them on store shelves. This is certainly welcome, but it is another strange occurrence with the release, as Ikea has not officially announced availability, and sizes that are no longer listed on the company’s website are being sold. We took the liberty of checking Ikea’s online inventory for all of their United States locations, and here are the stores that are showing stock:

  • Burbank, CA - 30″ and 32″ sizes
  • Covina, CA - 30″ and 32″ sizes
  • Fishers, Indiana - 30″ and 32″ sizes
  • Twin Cities, Minnesota - 30″ only
  • Draper, Utah - Both 30″ and 32″ sizes

So to recap, there are 5 stores that currently show blinds in stock, and we also found several mentions of expected availability dates, but these were limited to certain stores, with dates centering around the 20th of the month. Adding a little more weirdness to this release is that some redditors have successfully placed orders for the blinds via phone, as far back as last month, and for sizes not currently listed on Ikea’s site. Unfortunately, this did not work in our attempt today.

While we are glad to see that the blinds are finally becoming available in the States, it should be noted that they do not support Apple’s HomeKit as of yet. This will serve as a reminder that purchasing them with the promise of HomeKit may lead to many months of waiting, or potentially not happening at all, so proceed with caution. The FYRTUR blinds have been successfully added through Homebridge, which can serve as a stop gap, but native support is always preferred.

Are you running out to your local Ikea to pick up the blinds? Able to find them in store even though the online inventory showed them as unvailable? Are you going to sit out on the smart blind fun until HomeKit support is added? Let us know in the comments below, or on Twitter, @HomeKit_Hero.

4 thoughts on “Ikea’s FYRTUR Blinds Now Available in Some U.S. Stores

  1. Does anyone know if you can use these through the Philips Hue base station? It uses the same Zigbee protocol and would be handy if we didn’t need two hubs.


  2. There’s an Ikea store 20 minutes away. I think I’ll go check them out. I’m not too concerned about lack of HomeKit integration for now. If you recall, this was the case when their smart bulbs and smart plug were released. Today, I can turn my Tradfri lights on or off using Siri so I’m confident about eventual HomeKit integration.


  3. They have yet to appear in any of the Philadelphia Ikeas. Are they/will they be kept in the Trädfri section or the Blinds section?

    Never seen such a disorganized and inequitable product deployment. Word is, Echo-support is now in place, however.


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