FCC Filings: Santala HomeKit Lamp & Ikea Shortcut Button

That pesky notorious leaker, the FCC, is back with more previously unannounced products, this time from Santala and Ikea. Spotted over the weekend, a new desk lamp from Santala that supports HomeKit, Alexa, and Google Assistant, and for Ikea a product called the Tradfri Shortcut Button have both been filed with the FCC, and while details are still scarce, there a few nuggets of goodness that we are able to see. It is important to note that only Santala’s offering is the only one specifically mentioning HomeKit, so we are going to have to play the waiting game for Ikea’s upcoming device.

Santala’s desk lamp, filed as the TL01 Smart Desk Lamp is also listed on the company’s website, added recently after the release of their LED light bulbs. The lamp resembles many “modern” looking lamps, with a slim metallic color frame with a long LED light perched at the top that hangs over your work surface. At the base of the unit is wider “foot” with 4 buttons “touch control” buttons, one color temperature, 2 for brightness levels, and 1 that acts as an on/off toggle. Specs for the lamp which are included in its manual indicate that the lamp is capable of outputting up to 800 lumens of brightness, supports 4 color temperatures, and 10 settings for dimming.

Ikea’s filing, for a product called a Shortcut Button, is less detailed, as the company requested confidentiality with the FCC filing. What we can see though is a “dummy” user manual, which shows off an illustration of the button. The picture depicts a bed, with a moon above it, behind what looks to either be a plastic or glass window which could potentially point it as being customizable, as it would be odd to have a picture of one type of action. The image of course is meant to show that the button is used for setting a scene, and this functionality is confirmed in the manual, but only states that scenes are set through Ikea’s TRADFRI app, which will most likely be updated to Ikea’s new naming convention for its smart home platform when it is released. The manual also states that the button has only one function, a single press, which could be seen as a good or bad thing, depending on your needs. Inside of the button looks pretty much the same as the company’s other remotes, and it uses a coin cell battery for power next to a reset button, with a rated life of around 2 years.

What do you think of these upcoming accessories? Does the Santala lamp look like a good alternative to the iHaper desk lamp, which is the only other device of its kind for HomeKit? How about Ikea’s Shortcut Button, will its apparent limitation of just one action keep you away? Let us know in the comments below, or on Twitter, @HomeKit_Hero.

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