Craftmade’s Friends of Hue Light Fixtures Now Available

Announced as a Friends of Hue partner quite a while ago, Craftmade’s line of connected light fixtures are now available for purchase at outlets such as Amazon. Craftmade, the Texas based lighting company has a wide variety of products, with the Philips Hue series all focusing on clean modern designs with Hue lighting integrated directly into them. Similar to ET2’s lighting line unveiled just a few months ago, Craftmade’s lighting commands a premium price, but does provide customers with truly unique pieces that go beyond the traditional ceiling lights, and are not just fixtures with off the shelf bulbs inside. In total, there are 5 collections available, each spanning multiple finishes such as silver, chrome, brass and gold.

Dolby Line

The Dolby series features 3 thin metallic beams in a circular pattern, attached together with a discreet connector that gives it a stunning look. Two finishes are available, “matte black” and “patina aged brass” and surprisingly, the integrated LED varies from 29w to 32w depending on the model. The 29w model can output up to 1,256 lumens and is available for $422. The 32w goes up to 1,444 lumens and is available for a little more at $488.

Ovale Line

The Ovale series consists of 2 fixtures, both feature oval shaped pendants with cutouts that ” generates visual interest by casting light and shadows at varying heights and shapes” according to the company. Unfortunately, the Ovale line is purely meant for spot lighting, with the single light fixture capable of maximum light output of just 203 lumens, and is available for $302.50. The 3 light fixture is not much brighter, coming in at just 567 lumens, which is not much bang for the buck as it is available for $556.


Craftmade’s Horizon fixture is a chrome single unit only, and it takes on the form similar to that of a ceiling fan, even though it is marketed as a chandelier. The Horizon has 3 light bars spread out each with a “crystalized acrylic” giving them a “glow” or shine and will certainly act as a conversation piece for the home. However, this fixture is also highly capable, with it producing up to 1,863 lumens using 87 watts of power. The Horizon is actually one of the more “affordable” options from the company, with it being available for $398.

Studio Line

Up next is the Studio line, which despite its high price tag, looks like a pretty standard light fixture, with an industrial design reminiscent of some Ikea offerings. The Studio comes in 2 sizes, one with a 13″ wide shade and one with 15″, each with a dark finish hanging from thin wiring. These lights are middle of the road when it comes to brightness levels, ranging from 800-1200 lumens accordingly. Pricing starts at a whopping $756 for the smaller of the two models.

Finally, the Pendant line from Craftmade spans 15 variants, each consisting of different designs and finishes. Starting things off is a series of spiral shaped lights, with a unique diffuser that wraps around similar to a classic ornament design. The diffuser is made with “frosted acrylic” giving them an exquisite look, especially in the gold finish. The spiral series comes in both a large single light version and a multi-light option with 3 smaller pendants, and prices range from $338 all the way up to $598.

Pendant Line

Also in the pendant line is a fixture that has a large chunky angular design, complete with a decorative diffuser in the middle, and a model that has 3 smaller lights in the same vein with a price tag starting at $389. Last but certainly not least is an industrial look pendant that has rectangular diffusers, and it comes in both 2 and 6 light options. The diffuser portion of this option is made with “Clear Seeded K9 Crystal”, but like the Ovale, line, it is not suited for main room lighting, with a low lumen output starting at 500 lumens. Pricing starts at $318 and goes up to $698 for the 6 light fixture.

Comments & Questions?

What do you think of Craftmade’s Friends of Hue lighting? Do you think the designs justify their cost? Are you looking to pick some up for your home? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter, @HomeKit_Hero.

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