Eufy Cam 2 Missing HomeKit Support At Launch, Exact Release Date TBD

The highly anticipated Eufy Cam 2 hit electronics retailer Best Buy this week, bringing with it an affordable price tag and completely wireless operation that is sure to give rival Arlo a run for its money. However, as we previously reported as being in jeopardy, HomeKit support is indeed not along for the ride, with early adopters finding out the hard way after setting up their cameras over the past few days.

Retail listings as of this post, Best Buy on top, Amazon on the bottom.

As of today, Best Buy’s listing still reports that the cameras support HomeKit, although a disclaimer is shown on Amazon’s listing. Even with the disclaimer on Amazon though, a lifestyle image for the camera still features a reference to voice control with the line “Hey Siri, show me my front door” currently in the listing. Also of note, retail packaging for the cameras does have the HomeKit logo printed on them, but labels have apparently been applied over them to hide it at this point in time, a tactic that we have seen somewhat recently with one of GE’s portable air conditioners.

So where does HomeKit support currently stand? According to a post on Anker’s (Eufy is their smart home brand) community forums from a representative, it is still in the works but no concrete release date has been set, outside of the vague “…by the end of December“.

Sorry, there is no exact time yet, but we will launch the HomeKit feature by the end of December.

Anker Technical via Anker Community Forums

There is a sign of hope that this may actually be the case though, as the company is inviting users in a follow up post to sign up for a supposed beta firmware release that will enable the feature, potentially dropping within the next couple of weeks. If you ended up picking up the camera set, then you can request to join the beta by emailing

Anker representative inviting users to join beta program

We will of course provide any updates as they come in, but this should again serve as a reminder that promises of HomeKit support are only promises, and there is no guarantee that the device that you purchase will ever actually receive that functionality, until the day it does. What do you think of this development? Are you surprised, given just how much it was marketed? Did you end up ordering a set fully expecting to have HomeKit at launch? Let us know in the comments below, or on Twitter, @HomeKit_Hero.

3 thoughts on “Eufy Cam 2 Missing HomeKit Support At Launch, Exact Release Date TBD

  1. According to an email exchange I’ve been having with customer support… you can write them and they will add you to the beta, and you have to sign an NDA.

    Excerpt below:

    “We are glad that you are interested in being a tester for Homekit. The beta for HomeKit is estimated to be launching soon within 2 weeks.

    To be a tester, would you please provide us your email account binded to the eufycam 2 and the serial number located on the home base of the eufycam 2 first?

    Meanwhile, given the confidentiality of the test, please sign the NDA and email back the scanned version as soon as possible. “


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