Onvis CS1 Contact Sensor Available for Purchase on Amazon, Shipping November 25th

First discovered back in September, the Onvis CS1 Contact Sensor is now available for purchase on Amazon. Discovered by Chris Young of HomeKitGeek.com fame, the sensor brings a new take on the traditional door and window contact sensor throwing in not just the ability to determine whether or not something has been opened but also temperature and humidity. The sensor also has a unique audible siren built in, making it a perfect intruder deterrent as it will sound directly at the source, and not a siren or alarm panel potentially in another room.

The CS1, which is currently listed for $33.99 on Amazon, and is available for purchase, although it is not yet in stock and won’t be until November 25th. The sensor is a standard 2 piece contact sensor design, but the built-in siren adds some considerable length measuring around 4 inches in height, which is substantial compared to the 2-3 inch competitors. The siren is visible on the front of the CS1, with a large speaker ring positioned near the top, above a small LED indicator light and a reset button. The siren is listed as having 3 distinct sound levels, with the highest hitting 120 decibels. Also listed is that the speaker will act as a door chime when not armed, which is a handy feature to have in a busy household.

Onvis CS1 instruction manual

Additional specs for the CS1 include Bluetooth 5, the same that is currently in the Onvis SMS1 Smart Motion Sensor, and logging for the last 100 events in the Onvis app. As we noted in our original write up for the CS1 when it hit the FCC, the device runs on 2 AAA batteries, which are included, and is stated to last up to 1.5 years. The CS1 also includes a double-sided tape strip, and unlike competitors such as the Eve Door & Window, it can be mounted with the included screws, giving it a more permanent grip on your doors and windows.

We are certainly excited for this product to hit the market, and we will bring you a hands on with it as soon as it arrives, so stay tuned. What do you think of the Onvis CS1? Is the built-in siren enough to give it an edge over others? Does it make a truly DIY HomeKit security system viable? Let us know in the comments below, or on Twitter, @HomeKit_Hero.

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