Onvis App Reveals Upcoming HomeKit Secure Video Camera, Lightstrip, Smart Plug, & Doorbell

Onvis, the brand best known for the SMS1 Smart Motion Sensor, has revealed some upcoming products via their recent overhaul of their Onvis Home App. Spotted during the first time set up screens in the app, previously unannounced accessories that include a camera, light strip, and smart plug (in EU form) are on display. These items are shown next to the SMS1, and the recently released CS1 Security Contact Sensor that we are currently testing and will be posting a review for soon.

While the company provides no details for these new products (they are not listed on their website), we were able to track down another screen within the app that confirms that the camera will support Apple’s HomeKit Secure Video feature, which is only available for the Logitech Circle 2 as of now. The camera looks to be the same model that Onvis parent company, Shenzen Champon Technology has been showing off for a few years now, but it has yet to make it to the marketplace.

This additional information for the camera is found on the “About” portion of the app, and it also reveals another product that isn’t shown off, which is a wireless doorbell. Since the brand also provides support for other smart home platforms, such as Amazon’s Alexa and the Google Assistant, this doorbell may not end up supporting HomeKit, as the category is seemingly the hardest to bring products to market in. We are also still currently awaiting the release of the Onvis Smart Dehumidifier, which was added to the company’s website earlier this year.

Comments & Questions?

What do you think of these upcoming products from Onvis? How have your experiences been with the SMS1 Motion Sensor or the recently released CS1 Contact Sensor? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter, @HomeKit_Hero.

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