Upcoming HomeKit Routers and Secure Video Cameras Added to Apple’s HomeKit Accessories Page

Apple’s HomeKit accessories page has been quietly updated to reveal several more upcoming HomeKit enabled routers and HomeKit Secure Video cameras. The page, which has long been one of the best resources for tracking down HomeKit accessories from manufacturer’s across the globe, now has a section for routers, which were announced as an upcoming feature in iOS 13 way back in June. Up until now, the only information that has been shared about the elusive product category were the company names that appeared on the announcement slide in the WWDC 2019 Keynote.

Linksys AC6600 Mesh Wi-Fi System

According to the list, 2 routers from eero will support HomeKit, although only the Pro model is specifically mentioned, and the other listed as just “eero” doesn’t state which generation will get the upgrade. It has been strongly hinted that the 2nd generation system or higher will see the upgrade, although, as with all things HomeKit, things can certainly change. The other router on the list is the Linksys Velop Mesh Wi-Fi System, Tri-Band, and a link to the specific model is provided, which is the AC6600. The MSRP on this system is $529.99, but may be able to be found for cheaper with the upcoming Black Friday shopping season kicking off in just a few days.

Apple’s list also now denotes cameras that will support the HomeKit Secure Video feature, which just recently launched with Logitech’s Circle 2. In addition to listing support for Netatmo’s indoor and outdoor cameras, which were previously announced by the company, Apple now has 2 cameras from Eufy listed. The recently released Eufy Cam 2, which did not have HomeKit support at launch (but is currently beta testing), and the Eufy Cam 2C, which was not previously announced.

The doorbell portion of the list also has the HomeKit Secure Video notation, with Robin’s ProLine Video Doorbell being the lone example listed. Curiously, Netatmo’s upcoming doorbell does not have this feature listed as of yet, but we assume will get support at some point. With the month of December knocking on our doors, we expect to see some “official” announcements soon regarding the listed routers and cameras, as many company’s have been giving the line that support is coming before the end of the year.

Comments & Questions?

What do you think of these additions to the HomeKit accessories page? Are you going to run out and purchase one of these devices now that upcoming support is listed directly from Apple? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter, @HomeKit_Hero.

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