Flic 2 Smart Button Now Shipping Without Promised HomeKit Support

The Flic 2 Smart Button, from kickstarter success story Shortcut Labs, is now shipping to customers after its unveiling back in May of this year. Unfortunately, the tiny, connected smart button is not being shipped with HomeKit support, despite promises made from the very beginning of the company’s marketing campaign. HomeKit support is now being promised as an update to the Flic Hub LR in the vague “early 2020” window, sending it from potential must have status to hold off and purchase only when HomeKit actually ships.

Flic 2 marketing from May 2019
Updated HomeKit marketing as of November 2019

For those that have been following Shortcut Labs, this scenario is looking just like how the original Flic Smart Button played out. During the company’s original crowdfunding campaign and product rollout, HomeKit support was teased in responses to press inquiries such as Apple Insider, and on Twitter. Needless to say, if the company was indeed working on HomeKit support back in late 2017, we should have seen the fruits of this labor already, especially with a follow up product, the Flic 2, being introduced afterwards, which should have been developed with Apple’s certification requirements in mind.

Tweet from Shortcut Labs from back in April 2018

We will keep you updated on the status of HomeKit support over the coming months, but we don’t expect to see it rolled out anytime soon due to the company’s track record. Its certainly a shame considering some of the neat ideas that the company has had with the Flic Button, including personalization options, and visual effects like glow and the dark buttons being available. What do you think of Flic’s failure to fulfill its HomeKit promise? Did you purchase a Flic 2 based solely on the expressed support for HomeKit used in its marketing materials? Let us know in the comments below, or on Twitter, @HomeKit_Hero.

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