HomeKit Secure Video Now Available for Netatmo Smart Indoor/Welcome Camera UPDATE: Only for Beta Testers

Updated 12/03/19: Netatmo has reached out to us to let us know that the release is only for beta testers at this time. This post has been updated to reflect this information.

Earlier today, reports started rolling in that Netatmo’s Smart Indoor Camera (previously known as the Netatmo Welcome) had received a firmware update that enables support for Apple’s HomeKit Secure Video feature. First spotted by u/koukougr on the HomeKit subreddit, the release is currently available for beta testers who had previously signed up for Netatmo’s beta program. The release makes Netatmo’s camera just the second to support Apple’s privacy-centric feature, following the Logitech Circle 2 earlier this month.

Image credit: u/koukougr on reddit.

While HomeKit Secure Video provides a common set of standard features, such as iCloud video storage, end to end encryption, and video analysis, Netatmo’s implementation is slightly different than Logitech’s. Upgrading Logitech’s Circle 2 Camera involved “converting” the camera over in what the company labels a beta, completely removing the Camera from the Circle 2 App, moving everything, including settings, over to the Home App. Upgrading Netatmo’s Smart Indoor Camera keeps full controls available in the Netatmo App, and the update comes in the form of a typical firmware update, without a disclaimer stating that the company would need to be contact directly if users wanted to revert to previous functionality.

It should also be noted that the update, firmware 433.0, is only available for the Netatmo Smart Indoor/Welcome Camera, and support for the company’s unique outdoor Presence Camera is not yet available. Netatmo’s updated camera is currently available at a suggested retail price of $199.99, but it is on sale for just $149.99 for the holiday shopping season directly from Netatmo, and Amazon. What do you think of Netatmo’s Smart Indoor Camera? Does HomeKit Secure Video support make it worthy of purchasing now? How have your experience with the camera, or HomeKit Secure Video been? Let us know in the comments below, or on Twitter, @HomeKit_Hero.

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