8 Best Smart Pool Monitors In 2022

 For many pool owners, testing your water chemistry is one of the most important things you can do to ensure that your pool stays safe and healthy. However, it doesn’t have to be a stressful process! The best smart pool monitors make it easy to know exactly what’s going on in all parts of your swimming space so that you can keep everything under control. Whether you’re looking for something portable or something more permanent (or both), we’ve got you covered with our list of the top 8 best smart pool monitors in 2022.

1. Hayward Goldline AquaRite

Hayward Goldline AquaRite is a smart pool monitor that monitors your pool water quality and alerts you if there is a problem. It measures your pool water temperature and pH level and sends the data to the app. If you have a suction side or pressure filter, this product will also alert you about filter cleaning time using its online connection with the app, so no need to worry about forgetting when it’s time to clean them again.

The sensors are very accurate with an error of +/- 2% for pH, +/- 5°F for temp., & +-0.3 ppm for chlorine/bromine levels in both fresh & saltwater pools (more precise than most other models). They are able to detect low-level issues like algae growth which would be hard to see by just looking at it directly unless there were big chunks floating around on top instead of being hidden away inside.

2. Hach HQ40D Portable Lab-Grade Pool and Spa Water Quality Meter

The Hach HQ40D Portable Lab-Grade Pool and Spa Water Quality Meter is a water quality meter that tests for chlorine, pH, and calcium hardness in your pool. It also tests for total alkalinity, total hardness, cyanuric acid (stabilizer), copper, iron, manganese, and zinc.

The meter will test all pools as well as spas. No additional testing chemicals are required with this kit because you can test your pool on-site without having to use any reagents or add anything else to the water itself.

3. Mibao Pool Chlorine Dispenser, Floating Chlorine Dispenser

The Mibao Pool Chlorine Dispenser is a great choice for saltwater pools, above-ground pools, and inground pools. It holds up to 25 pounds of chlorine tablets and has a digital display that allows you to easily track how much chlorine remains in the dispenser.

The Mibao is easy to fill with tablets, as well as easy to use once it’s filled up. The device automatically dispenses chlorine through its internal pump when you press a button—you don’t need any other equipment or supplies. It’s also simple to clean: just let it float around in your pool for about half an hour before removing it from the water so that any leftover tablets can dissolve safely away from open air (just make sure not to dump them into an area where children or pets might be!).

4. ClearWater Tech, LLC – Platinum II Monitoring System – (1) Sensor

The ClearWater Tech, LLC – Platinum II Monitoring System – (1) Sensor is the most basic of all the smart sensors on our list. It’s made for a single pool, and it even comes in at a lower price than many other options.

Sensors are ideal for larger pools with multiple lanes—or if you just want to pay less attention to your pool’s temperature but still want some peace of mind that everything is running smoothly. Sensors will work with any sized pool and can be used in combination with both single-spanner installations or multi-spanner setups (which require more hardware).

5. LaMotte ColorQ Pro 7 Digital Pool Water Test Kit with Lamotte 1905 Reagent Set

The LaMotte ColorQ Pro 7 Digital Pool Water Test Kit is a great option for those looking to stay on top of their pool’s water quality. The kit includes seven different test kits and two reagents, one for in-water testing and one for out-of-water testing. It can also be used to test alkalinity, hardness and pH levels at home.

6. Hayward W3T-CELL15 Aqua Rite

This Hayward replacement cell is designed for use with the Hayward Aqua Rite Electronic Salt Chlorination System. It has a 15,000-gallon capacity and can be used to replace your current cell in the event that it’s been damaged or worn out. The unit comes with everything you need to install it and start using your pool again.

7. Poolmaster 22260 Smart Test 4-Way

If you’re looking for a way to test your pool water without having to break out the refractometer or buy a digital pH tester, then Poolmaster 22260 Smart Test 4-Way Swimming Pool and Spa Water Chemistry Test Strips might be right up your alley. These 4-way test strips let you test for pH, chlorine concentration (dissolved), total alkalinity (pH dependent), and calcium hardness all at once. That means if you only want to focus on one aspect of your pool chemistry at a time, then these are perfect.

Each bottle includes 50 individual strips so you don’t have to worry about running out anytime soon. They’re also easy on eyes too so don’t worry about squinting when using them! The bottle is designed with portability in mind which makes it perfect for those who like taking their pool testing kits everywhere with them during different seasons and vacations outside of home. Simply follow the color chart included inside each cap—or download their app—to determine exactly what levels need adjusting based off results from tests conducted by yourself using these strips.

8. POOLMASTER 22261 Smart Test 6-Way

The PoolMaster 22261 Smart Test 6-Way Swimming Pool and Spa Water Chemistry Test Strips are easy to use, which is great for those who aren’t very familiar with pool chemistry. They can be used in pools, spas, and hot tubs and come with 50 test strips that can test for 6 different parameters: pH, alkalinity, calcium hardness (CH), total hardness (TH), chlorine and bromine. The package also includes instructions on how to use the strips as well as a storage case so you don’t lose any of your supplies while they’re not in use.


I hope this article will help you get a better idea of the best smart pool monitor for your needs. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave a comment below!

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