About Us

At HomeKit Hero, we strive to provide timely news updates and reviews of HomeKit enabled smart home products and Apps that our readers care about. Our product reviews are tailored to providing the most pertinent information regarding operability and reliability, and only focus on devices that currently support HomeKit or that have been announced as supporting the functionality at a later date. HomeKit Hero has been mentioned on popular Apple related websites including 9to5mac, MacRumors, and iMore as well as technology sites like The Verge, Digital Trends and Fast Company.

Review Policy

HomeKit Hero’s review and news staff are not paid for providing a review or news, and our opinions are honest and from our own experiences. From time to time, we may receive a complimentary copy of an App provided by a developer for review or testing. We also may receive products, either for review or preview purposes from device manufacturers as well as any associated instructions provided.


HomeKit Hero was founded in 2018 as an Apple News exclusive publication with the goal of enhancing the communication surrounding the HomeKit platform. HomeKit Hero expanded to the web in 2019 with the launch of HomeKitHero.com due to popular demand in order to better serve the global community.