How To Fix “All Circuits Are Busy” Verizon Error Easily?

“All circuits are busy” is an error message that pops up just before your call gets disconnected automatically. It is not a problem that is specific to Verizon only but can be experienced by the users of AT&T, Sprint, or T-Mobile. The error message “all circuits are busy” is an indication of no available network for outgoing connection on the user’s phone.

The common causes of this error may range from having bad network coverage, dialing a wrong number, service outages, and system network overload. Let’s try to look at some of the common causes of this error message and try to understand them with a possible solution in the end.

Why is the user getting an “All circuits are busy” error?

Unlike wired telephones, the Cell phone works with radio waves to transmit signals across caller and recipient. Thus, when the caller is trying to place a call the cell phone will look for the nearest network tower and check the network connection and signal strength to place the call.

Now after understanding the basics of how the cell phone connects the user’s call to the recipient. We will move forward to analyze the problems and look at possible solutions along the way.

1. No free outgoing connection

For placing a new call, the network operator or phone carrier assigns the caller a free channel to complete the connection, this, in turn, enables the call to be registered and allows a two-way conversation between the caller and the recipient. The caller might get the “all circuits are busy” error if more callers are using the channel, thus leaving no free channel for the new caller.

Also, when the cell phone is unable to find any free outgoing lines at a particular moment then the error of “all circuits are busy” is received. This could be due to limited access to the network for the cell phone. The main reason behind this could be little or no network tower available in the locality. This type of situation is usually encountered in small, local areas where the availability of facilities is a rare occurrence.

Solution:  The solution to resolve this type of problem is patience. You should hang up the call, wait for a few moments or minutes and then try again. Eventually, a channel will be free for you to place a call.

2. System network overload

Overloading a system will place a temporary restriction on the services. This overload may take place when multiple operators are using all the available services at once. This usage of services can range from the operators calling someone to text someone or simply connecting to data. Thus, extreme load on the network can result in overloading the system. The system might get overwhelmed by extreme traffic on a single server and this might result in overloading of the system.

This could occur during holidays (Christmas) when people all over the world are trying to reach their loved ones and wish them. It can also take place during peak hours if the phone carrier is not looking into investing in more equipment to tackle the heavy traffic.

Solution: In network overload, it is wise to wait a few moments before trying again, you can wait until the traffic subsides before trying to reach out to the other person again. You can also avoid this situation by avoiding the call during peak hours and dialing the number during off-peak hours.

3. Damaged cell phone

Sometimes the error might not come from the network provider but from the cell phone that you’re using. The main cause behind this might be a damaged cell phone. The damage might not be external but internal. All cell phones use an internal antenna that is responsible for receiving and sending network signals.

Chances are your antenna is damaged after your cell phone was physically damaged this can restrict the flow of signal. Aside from antenna damage incorrect network configuration might be responsible for the error while making the phone call.

Solution: If the handset that you’re using is still a new one and the defect is from the manufacturing side then go for replacement or repair. New devices are often under warranty, so visiting a service center would resolve your issue at no extra cost. If the device was an old one then it is advised to get a new one and not try to fix the antenna of that device as chances are it might give you the same error occasionally.

If the problem is with network configuration, then go to Phone setting, network, and internet, and select the “Reset” to change back to the default configuration.

Some other ways to tackle the “all circuits are busy” error

  • Restart your device
  • If the problem is with network configuration, then go to Phone setting, network, and internet, and select the “Reset” to change back to the default configuration.
  • Remove and then insert the sim card once again
  • Change the handset or the phone number


All of the above-mentioned solutions to the problem will surely resolve the issue you’re facing with “all circuits are busy”. Most of your issues would be resolved after waiting for a few minutes before placing the call again. if you’re still unsure about “all circuits are busy” then visit your nearest service center for cell phone diagnosis as it might reveal the actual problem your handset is facing.

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